HNS Policy  

Claims for all covered services provided to patients whose health care plans contract with HNS must be filed to HNS; this includes claims for covered services provided relative to personal injury cases.




Because of this policy, Providers must always specifically ask PI patients if they have any health insurance and if so, and if the healthcare plan contracts with HNS, with one exception, the provider must file the claims through HNS.




The only exception to this policy is if the patient has signed and dated HNS' Election Not to File form. This form includes important facts and information the member needs in order to make an informed decision. As such, only this specific form can be utilized. (The form is available under the HNS Forms section of this website.)




Note:  Providers must never initiate a conversation with the patient regarding not filing health care claims.


Providers may ONLY comply with a patient's request not to file IF the patient initiated the request, signs and dates the required form, and a copy of the form is on file in the patient's health care record.


Failure to use the required form, and to maintain a signed copy of the form in the patient's health care record, may result in the forfeiture of all payments owed to you (from all sources) for services provided in conjunction with personal injuries.


If the patient elects not to file, and signs the required form, the provider cannot discount the fees charged to the patient. The provider must charge his/her usual and customary fees for all services provided.


Providers who fail to comply with these policies will be subject to termination of their participation in the HNS Network.