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Important Notes:


Remittances associated with claims submitted via Office AllyTM will be sent to you from HNS.


EOPs will be available through your HNSConnect account.




  1. Am I required to send my electronic files to HNS via Office AllyTM?

    No. Only those providers whose software can only produce an electronic print image file may submit their HNS claims through Office AllyTM.


    For information regarding transitioning to an 837p 5010 claim file format, please contact your software vendor.


  2. Will my practice management software work with Office AllyTM?

    Yes, the Office AllyTM website will interface with all practice management software packages.  All you need is internet access (and even dial-up internet access will work).


  3. How will Office AllyTM identify me as an HNS physician?

    HNS has provided Office AllyTM with an "Office Ally HNS Eligibility File" which Office AllyTM will use to determine if your claim files are to be sent to HNS.  When contacting Office AllyTM to enroll, it is not necessary to identify yourself as a HNS physician.


  4. How will Office AllyTM know which claim files to send to HNS?

    Office AllyTM identifies claim files to be transmitted to HNS by the HNS Payor ID and by your inclusion of "HNS" and the name of the payor, in the claim file.


    Both "HNS", the HNS address, the name of the payor AND the specific HNS payor ID number for each HNS contracted payor must be included in the claim file you submit to Office AllyTM.  Without this information your claim file will not be transmitted to HNS.


    Example:  HNS/BCBSNC


    PO Box 2368

    Cornelius, NC  28031


  5. How do I add Payor IDs to my print image claim files?

    Your software vendor will need to assist you with adding the HNS payor IDs to your claim files, so please contact your software vendor directly.


  6. Who do I contact about tracing claims sent to HNS through Office AllyTM?

    Contact your HNS Service Representative with questions regarding claims submitted to HNS through Office AllyTM.


  7. Does Office AllyTM provide customer support?

    Yes, the Office AllyTM customer service number is (360) 975-7000, Option 1.


  8. After I enroll with Office AllyTM, how do I submit paper claims to HNS?

    Office AllyTM will only accept electronic claim files from HNS physicians.  You will continue to submit secondary and corrected claims, and claims with attachments, directly to HNS, via the CMS 1500 claim form, version 02/12.


  9. What if I need to resubmit a claim to Office AllyTM?

    Just like HNSConnect, the Office AllyTM system includes edits to prevent the submission of previously submitted claims, so claims previously submitted through Office AllyTM will error back to you and will not be forwarded to HNS.  If you need to make changes to a previously adjudicated claim, you must file the claim directly to HNS as a "corrected" claim using the CMS 1500 claim form (and be sure to mark the claims as "corrected" and follow the instructions for submission of corrected claims on the HNS Claims Checklist).


  10. If I am already using Office AllyTM as my clearinghouse, is there anything I need to do?

    If you are already using Office AllyTM, you must begin using the specific HNS payor ID numbers.  You will need to contact your software vendor for assistance in adding the HNS payor IDs to your HNS claim files.


    You will continue to send claim files to Office AllyTM for non-HNS payors just as you currently do.


  11. What if I want to use Office AllyTM to send my claim files to ALL payors?

    Office AllyTM will not charge you for sending claim files to other payors, such as United Healthcare, Aetna, etc.  Once you have enrolled with Office AllyTM, if you wish to use Office AllyTM as your clearinghouse for some, or all of your other (non-HNS) payors, you should first check the Office AllyTM website to verify that Office AllyTM transmits to those payors, obtain the appropriate payor IDs and include them in your files, then send those claim files to Office AllyTM.


  12. Will HNS accept claims from any other clearinghouse?

    No, HNS has contracted exclusively with Office AllyTM to convert your non-standard claim files to the required 837p 5010 format and to transmit those claim files to HNS.


  13. How long will HNS allow me to submit my claims through Office AllyTM?

    HNS will only accept claims from Office AllyTM while you are participating in the HNS Network.  If you have claims that must be submitted to HNS after the effective date of the termination of your participation, those claims must be filed to HNS via "paper" claims on the revised CMS 1500 claim form.